GLR Rigby 7 months

GLR Rigby 7 months

GLR Rigby 7 months GLR Rigby 7 months

Imperial Bull Calf

GLR Rigby

Yak, Bull Calf (male) | Imperial

IYAK - Foundation# pending | DOB: 8/14/2017 (1 yr)



GLR Rigby is Eleanor's son, a herd favorite and our best PR girl on the ranch. His dad is Superlock and who is just about the mellowest bull we have ever experienced so this guy is likely going to have one of the best temperaments around for a breeding bull when he grows up.He has a nice head and is well put together over all and has an excellent coat with beautiful down underneath all that fiber.
We wish to thank Spring Brook Ranch for their purchase of this young bull, and look forward to seeing him on their gorgeous ranch when we visit this fall! Thanks Christy and Jim!

Updated 5/25/2018