Tolkien-Toroberry's 2013 bull calf Talula- Torroberry's 2014 heifer calf Talula- Toroberry's 2014 heifer calf

Imperial Trim Tibetan Yak Foundation Yak

LDR Toroberry

Yak, Cow (female) | Imperial Trim

IYAK - Foundation# Q054 | DOB: 4/22/2007 (11 yrs)



Toroberry is another of our crowd pleasers. She is a total cookie lover and sweet as can be. She is another of our complete public relations veterans and certainly one to come running to greet us when she sees us coming to visit. Sired by Tuffy Be Tuff,she is jet black and has a silky wool, strong and solid conformation, a nice square head and solid horn and makes awesome babies.Tolkienher 2013 Imperial bull calf was quite handsome and sold as a little guy. Her 2014 heifer calf is Talula, and Imperial Trim and has the same silky jet black fiber that both her mother and her brother Tolkien have. Toroberry is an awesome mother who raises a healthy solid calf. She is a welcome member of our foundation herd of cows.

Updated 5/25/2018