Rebel- Rena's 2013 bull calf Raina- Rena's 2014 heifer calf

Imperial Tibetan Yak Foundation Female

THY Rena

Yak, Cow (female) | Imperial

IYAK - Foundation# S010 | DOB: 8/1/2009 (9 yrs)



Rena is an Imperial Tibetan Yak cow, sired by Chewbacca with more personality than you could ever imagine. Her original name was "Ballerina" as a young heifer calf, because she was always kicking up her heels in joy and jumping and pirouetting all over the pasture. Things have not changed. She is a cookie lover and is very tame and friendly. She is absolutely hilarious and always puts a smile on our faces. Some days when she sees us coming she runs all the way across a large pasture ending up breathless with her tongue hanging out by the time she meets us at the fence. She is a joy. AND she is just gorgeous. Phenotypically she has all the traits we look for in a breeding cow-beautiful formed head and horn with a square muzzle and great symmetry and size of horn and superb coverage and conformation.Rena had a bull calf in 2013 named Rebel who we can't wait to show in Denver in January- He is handsome and quite impressive with a nice head and beautiful wooly top knot.Her 2014 heifer calf is a beautiful Native Trim named Raina who ought to be a fabulous foundation female!

Updated 5/25/2018


Bull (male)2 yrsImperial
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