Sitka and her 2015 bull calf

Sitka and her 2015 bull calf

Sitka and her 2014 heifer calf Saltora Saltora- Stika's 2014 heifer calf Sitka Saltora- Sitka's 2014 heifer calf

Imperial Tibetan Yak Foundation Female


Yak, Cow (female) | Imperial

IYAK - Foundation# T061 | DOB: 4/12/2010 (8 yrs)



Sitka is an Alaska daughter and a jet black silky Imperial . You can't help but notice her in the herd as a standout as she has great presence and style. She is an awesome mother and raises a great calf. Her 2014 calf is an Imperial just like her, named Saltora, who won the fiber contest as only a 7 month old in Denver out of 74 entries. Her next calf Yakutat was a gorgeous bull calf who is a full brother to her 2016 calf, GLR Anchorage, yet another imperial calf. Three for three, all with incredible fiber and excellent conformation.

Updated 5/25/2018