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In 1983, just two years after I acquired my first llama, I stepped into the show ring for the very first time. One year later I won my first Grand Champion award. The experience of showing alpacas and llamas for all of these years has been educational as well as fun.

For Great Lakes Ranch, showing livestock isn't just about winning blue ribbons. More important than winning ribbons, is the opportunity that shows provide to continuously learn about the breed. It is all about getting out of our own pastures and barns and seeing what other breeders are doing. It is about trying to calculate what we need to do to stay ahead or keep up with our fellow breeders. The endeavor to stay on top requires a vision, constant dedication, lots of hard work and a willingness to always learn "what is new" and how that might be best incorporated into our own breeding or showmanship philosophy.  The ribbons are only part of the wealth. The knowledge gained through the process of working the show ring is the "real" award and what serves to hold our fascination with alpacas for so many years.

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Updated August 15, 2013